Shopping for clothes that make you feel good is one of the most therapeutic forms of self love. Who doesn’t love new fresh clothes. But when does this self love turn into self harm?

This was the thought behind the creation of (SUBTRACT).

We grew up in the era of fast fashion. Trends are changing everyday and it’s almost impossible to keep up, but we’re stuck trying to catch on. We want to buy all the new trendy clothes out there. It takes a toll on your savings and still leaves you feeling unsatisfied. To make these clothes affordable for frequent buyers, brands have to compromise on the quality and manufacturing processes. Fast fashion brands work on the principle that any clothing article will be used for a limited number of times and discarded for new pieces. These new pieces are now popping up twice a week in the “trendiest” shops. Our wardrobes are overflowing with cheap quality, short-lasting, worn out clothes that we are swapping for new ones faster and faster.

Have you ever wondered where all these discarded items go?

Some find their way into being used by people who need them, very few get recycled but most of them are thrown out and keep piling up in ever-expanding garbage dumps. 

Environmental aspect aside, is the fast fashion trend personally making you happy with what you are buying? How do you feel when your new trousers tear easily within a month or the vibrant colour you loved in your latest tee fades away after just a couple of washes? We’re guessing, you feel cheated. That was money you worked hard for.

With all the talk of sustainability and responsibility around us and in the media, and based on personal conversations with friends and family, it was clear to us that people don’t want to buy low quality items that aren’t durable, but it’s hard not to when most shops are filled with them and you’re chasing trends.

We have been in the clothing industry for 6-7 years and have come from a family who’ve been making men’s garments for 3 decades now. We have spent a lot of time in garment factories and seen the hard, grueling work that is put into manufacturing each piece of premium clothing. The fast fashion industry makes it impossible to sustain this practice. Everyday more factories are racing to meet the increased demand which leads some to adopt unethical practices that harm the employees, the ecosystem and the customers.

What could we do?

We deliberated for a long time and knew that if we built a clothing brand, it had to be a highly premium, great quality, slow fashion brand that isn’t chasing trends. We believe that good clothing is trend-less. Its construction makes it timeless and its durability makes it affordable. 

We wanted to provide people the option of buying beautiful pieces that don’t cut into their pockets, don’t need to be discarded frequently and don’t make them feel guilty for contributing to bad practices.

We wanted our customers to be happy with every piece they own and more than anything, we wanted them to look good and feel comfortable in them.

And so we came up with (SUBTRACT). 

Let go of all that negative energy in your life. All the cheap clothes that make you spend more in the long run and don’t live up to the hype. All the “latest racks” that won’t last a fortnight. We believe you know what looks good on you and we want to help you buy the style you love without having to keep buying the same thing again and again.

If there’s one thing we guarantee our customers, it’s quality above all else. 

So try (SUBTRACT). Buy less but buy good.

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