In recent years, we have heard this word thrown into endless conversations and rightly so. Everybody has their own definitions for sustainability. Here’s ours:

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Here are a few ways we are doing our part in being a conscious brand:

Timeless and Trendless Designs

Timeless fashion reflects in the design and aesthetic of (SUBTRACT) clothing. An aesthetic that is timeless - not changing from season to season. We don’t succumb to short-lived trendy patterns that have to be exchanged for the new hot thing every fortnight. All our garments are evergreen styles curated as cherished wardrobe staples.


The name (SUBTRACT) evokes “less”.
Less pollution. Less Waste. Less damage. Less wardrobe turnover. 


In the era of fast-fashion where tonnes and tonnes of clothes are thrown out everyday, is it essential to be aware of where these discarded items land up. Very few are recycled or reused, most end up as staggering heaps in landfills. The slogan “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE” contains the first two words for a reason even if one simply associates the third with sustainability. And at (SUBTRACT), our aim is to focus on the first two. In order to reduce and reuse clothes, customers need to be in possession of premium quality articles that don’t lose their colour, sheen, style and breathability for a long time. And we want to help you with just that.

Clothes you love so much, you wear them all the time. 


Sustainability for (SUBTRACT) is also manifested in the form of sourcing of materials, low waste and environment-friendly processes.

We persevere to make use of organic fabrics like organic cotton, tencel, bamboo and hemp in our fabrication processes. We have also opted for recycled polyester fabric for our formal wear designs. This allows us to provide our customers with comfortable and beautiful clothing that comes without the guilt of damaging the ecosystem. 


We aim to make our packaging eco-friendly by using recycled polyester/biodegradable plastic bags (with ziplocks) which can be reused by our customers. These are shipped out in corrugated boxes made of recycled paper. The box is taped with our signature sky-print recycled paper tape (FSC certified) and with transparent recycled plastic tape.

Free shipping

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